TRUFA, x mastina joven RESERVADA

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TRUFA, x mastina joven RESERVADA

Mensaje  Admin el Jue 31 Jul 2014 - 0:18

PICA / TRUFA- cruce mastina, hembra joven, y una vez superado el miedo al encontrarse abandonada, muy muy alegre y cariñosa! Para ser mastina tiene la envergadura pero las patas cortas y seguramente un problema de caderas - sin dolor pero.
Juega con todos los perros y si hay demasiado lío se tira al suelo Wink.
Trufa is a mastin mix of 42 kg, and although she was very afraid the first few days, she developed into a happy and loving dog within a very short time. She is a very young mastina (somewhere between 8 months and a year old), no doubt she lived her short life chained up as her legs have not developed well. Her hips will not be good, but at the moment she is improving a lot and as you can see she is not in pain but just playing as a happy puppy, jumping, running, rolling over.
She was abandoned together with Blas, who may be her cousin or even her brother

Nombre/Name: PICA
Sexo: H
Edad/Age: 1/2/2013
Raza/breed: x mastin
Tamaño/size: 60 cm
Peso/weight: ca 42 kg
Entrada/entry: 21/7/14
Castr: y 28/7/14 Teran
vac pend

Contactos/contacts: (Pedro) 690 14 13 39​ (Marcial) 685 815 856​ (Anjo, international enquiries) +34 645 880 105
(Group and page) Animales de Oriente
(Profile) Anjo Asturias

TRUFA mastina looking for a home from Tika985 on Vimeo.


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